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May 2012

Limit for contactless card payments set to increase to £20

31 May 2012

The limit for contactless card payments in stores is set to rise by £5 by the end of June.

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Banking on mobile money - an experiment

30 May 2012

One day, we can expect mobile payments to be everywhere. How easy is it to rely on them today? Here's a look at an experiment…

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Banks must display compensation signs

29 May 2012

Your money is protected up to the level of £85,000 in British banks, but there may be some confusion over different banking brands and EU-based institutions.

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Beware of 'roaming' charges for using mobile banking abroad

28 May 2012

If you want to check your bank balance while abroad, you may want to avoid using your mobile phone - as doing so could land you with expensive charges.

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Bank account takeover fraud 'continues to rise'

25 May 2012

Account takeover fraud is on the increase, but there are steps that banking customers can take to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to fraudsters.

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Free banking 'misleads customers'

24 May 2012

Andrew Bailey has said that though many bank accounts claim to be free, they can mislead customers and charge unexpected fees.

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Could the bank rate go even lower?

23 May 2012

A lot of people have been waiting for it to rise, but we could actually see the bank rate fall even further: the IMF has suggested another cut as one way of helping the UK economy grow.

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Is the future cashless?

22 May 2012

Predictions that the electronic wallet would replace ready cash still haven't come true, as more people use real cash to help them budget.

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Set up a standing order to 'get ahead of the savings game'

21 May 2012

Research has found that 25% of savers have a regular standing order or Direct Debit leaving their bank account each month - and people who save this away are "ahead of the game" when it comes to their finances.

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How could Greece's euro exit affect UK consumers?

18 May 2012

Greece's withdrawal from the euro seems to be a question of if rather than when - and the impact could be felt much closer to home.

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Preparing for the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend

18 May 2012

The Jubilee Bank Holiday is on the horizon, and it seems that people are planning to celebrate in a variety of ways.

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Could social media deliver a 'VIP experience' when talking to banks?

17 May 2012

More people are turning to social media to get in touch with banks and other businesses - and in many cases getting better results.

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Biometrics - the future of banking?

16 May 2012

Greater security is just one reason why biometric technology could play a real role in the future of banking. It could offer some real benefits to banks and users alike.

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Does your mobile change the way you bank?

15 May 2012

New research highlights the fact that owning a smartphone makes people more likely to try mobile banking and mobile payments. Read more here.

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Average bank account balance 'increased 18% in first quarter'

14 May 2012

The first three months of the year were good for savers, with the average savings balance increasing by 18% on the previous quarter.

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What is the future for rural banking services?

11 May 2012

As more and more local bank branches face closure, a different approach to banking could offer a suitable alternative for getting the banking services you need.

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MasterCard announces 'digital wallet network'

10 May 2012

MasterCard's new digital wallet network 'PayPass' will allow customers to pay for goods and services using their smartphone, computer or tablet.

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Queen's speech to include bank reforms

9 May 2012

The Queen's speech should tell us what we can expect in the way of banking reforms.

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60% of bank account customers 'will use mobile banking by 2015'

8 May 2012

Mobile banking is set to grow more and more popular in the next few years, according to a report by Capgemini, with almost two thirds of customers accessing their bank accounts by mobile by 2015.

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thinkmoney's guide to credit cards

8 May 2012

Here's our guide to finding the best credit card for your needs.

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Banks 'need to improve customer satisfaction'

4 May 2012

Banks should prioritise their strengths to hold on to their customers, a new report claims.

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Banking customers face highest overdraft rates 'since records began'

3 May 2012

The average authorised overdraft rate is now almost 40 times the base rate, at 19.52%.

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Is finding the right bank account getting easier?

2 May 2012

Find the right bank account matters - and a new comparison tool could make it easier for people do that.

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Ombudsman warns banks about money transfer mistakes

1 May 2012

The Financial Ombudsman Service has criticised banks for not dealing with money transfer mistakes well enough.

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