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November 2014

8 reasons it can be hard to stick to a budget – and how to beat them

28 November 2014

It can be difficult to budget, but here’s our guide to make sure you stick to it.

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Affordable winter coats

27 November 2014

As the weather turns colder and we head towards Christmas, now is the time to invest in a warm winter coat. To help give you some inspiration, we’ve picked some of the most affordable winter coats to share with you.

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Plans to raid bank accounts to collect tax debts have been revised

26 November 2014

Plans to allow HMRC to have access to the bank accounts of those with tax debts have been revised. Find out what the new plans could mean for you.

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Are your multiple incomes and outgoings making budgeting difficult?

25 November 2014

When you have multiple incomes and outgoings to keep track of, budgeting can prove difficult.

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How you can save money on beauty and hair products

24 November 2014

Saving money on getting your hair done and buying make-up doesn’t have to be difficult – just follow our easy tips.

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Save yourself some pennies by shopping on Black Friday

21 November 2014

The US phenomenon of Black Friday has made its way across the pond. On Friday 28th November 2014, retailers will drop the price of many items, just in time for Christmas, so grab a bargain while you can!

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3 easy recipes to put in jars

20 November 2014

You can cook up a tasty treat for storing in jam jars, and you could even save yourself some cash too.

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Shop around and you could get Christmas dinner for just £2.66 per person

19 November 2014

If you shop around, Christmas dinner could cost less than £22 for eight people, but which is the cheapest retailer to buy from?

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The work Christmas party; would you rather have the money?

18 November 2014

With 75% of people saying they would prefer their Christmas party was cancelled and they got the cash instead, could this be a sign that many Brits’ budgets are stretched at this time of year?

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Prepare for your Christmas party with our affordable fashion picks

17 November 2014

With Christmas coming, not only is the festive season about to start but the party season as well. To help you find the perfect party outfit on a budget, we’ve picked some of the most affordable party pieces.

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Make your holiday dreams a reality

14 November 2014

Is there somewhere you’ve always dreamt of visiting? We show you how you can afford your dream holiday without busting your budget. All it takes is some careful planning and small changes to your spending.

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Do jam jars help you budget?

13 November 2014

There are countless uses for jam jars, including budgeting. However, a ‘jam jar account’ like thinkmoney’s might be more effective.

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More than 1m switch current account provider in the past year

12 November 2014

After a new initiative made it easier for customers to switch their current account, more and more people are swapping their account provider.

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Review of banking could hit UK’s big four

11 November 2014

The investigation will look at the current account and small business banking sectors in the UK.

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How much does it cost to look good?

10 November 2014

Looking good doesn’t always come cheap, and the majority of Brits splash out for at least one beauty and grooming service a month.

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Protect yourself from the ‘number spoofing’ scam

7 November 2014

Fraud is ever evolving but we’ve got some handy tips on how not to be duped by fraudsters using the new ‘number spoofing’ scam.

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Get your little ones ready for autumn with our affordable fashion picks

7 November 2014

Finding affordable children’s fashion doesn’t have to be hard and to prove it, we’ve found some of the best fashion picks to get you inspired this autumn.

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What marks the start of your Christmas?

6 November 2014

What marks the start of Christmas for you? For one in five of us it’s the first appearance of Coca-Cola’s “Holidays are coming” advert. But the start of Christmas isn’t good news for everyone.

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5 ways to save money on your energy bills

5 November 2014

Want to save money on your energy bills? We’ve got five top tips which could help save you hundreds of pounds on your annual gas and electricity bills.

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5 ways to save money on your shopping this Christmas

5 November 2014

Christmas will always be the most expensive time of the year for many of us but with our handy guide you should be able to cut costs and save yourself hundreds of pounds. Just making small changes can have a big impact on your wallet.

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Cheap and easy recipes for World Vegan Month

4 November 2014

See if you’re up to the vegan challenge and feed your family on a tight budget with these simple recipes.

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101 things to do with jam jars

3 November 2014

As a jam jar account provider, we’re a little obsessed with these useful containers. Here’s 101 things you can do with an empty jam jar.

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