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October 2011

thinkmoney's guide to getting out of debt

28 October 2011

If you're looking for advice on repaying your debts, this thinkmoney guide could help you become debt-free sooner rather than later.

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What you need to know about your credit rating

21 October 2011

We'll tell you what your credit rating is, how it affects you, factors that could hinder or help you when applying for credit and where to find your credit report.

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New viruses 'mimic online banking pages'

14 October 2011

Online banking customers have been warned to stay safe, in light of a sophisticated new scam that mimics users' online banking pages and steals their personal details.

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'Old-school' banking 'scams' on the rise

10 October 2011

Bank account holders are being urged to protect themselves against a new wave of 'old-school' banking scams.

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10 hobbies on a shoestring

7 October 2011

Are you looking for fun ways of spending your spare time this winter without spending a fortune? Here are 10 hobbies that you could take up on a 'shoestring'.

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Bank account fraud on the rise according to CIFAS

4 October 2011

As the UK Fraud Prevention Service, CIFAS, announces an increase in fraudulent misuse of bank accounts this year, we suggest ways to stay safe when banking online.

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