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October 2013

Do you live in your overdraft?

29 October 2013

Overdrafts are used by a lot of people, but they can be very costly. You might be able to avoid them if you are savvy with your finances.

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Ghoulishly good Halloween deals

25 October 2013

We've come up with some great Halloween deals to help you have a scary time without frightening your finances.

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Buyer’s remorse - what do you regret?

24 October 2013

It’s tempting to buy the latest gadgets, many of which end up being essential parts of everyday life. But what about all those purchases gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe? There are ways to cut back on spending money on unnecessary items.

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Funding the festivities - one in five borrowed money for Christmas last year

22 October 2013

thinkmoney research shows one in six people think they'll need to borrow money to fund Christmas this year.

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Borrowing to pay mortgage/rent

18 October 2013

Mortgages and rent payments are hefty financial commitments. But there are ways to help you ensure they're paid on time and with the least amount of hassle.

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Bills of the unexpected: could you suddenly come up with £200?

16 October 2013

Making up a financial shortfall is rarely easy, particularly if you weren’t anticipating the bill. The good news is: there are things you can do to make sure there is money set aside for unexpected payments.

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Rainy-day funds - do you have one?

15 October 2013

It’s not the most romantic thing to think about, but would you be OK financially if you and your partner broke up? It’s worth considering setting aside some money for the future.

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1 in 6 say they're 'Rubbish with money'!

9 October 2013

Managing your finances can be difficult, even at the best of times. Don’t panic though - there are things you can do to improve your cashflow.

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Lending money to friends - could it cost you your friendship?

4 October 2013

Loaning cash to friends and family can damage relationships, some of which may never be the same again. But there are things you can do to avoid coming to blows.

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When the cash runs out - what do you stop doing before payday?

3 October 2013

When money is tight at the end of the month, lots of us find ways to last out until payday. But there are ways to manage your money more effectively.

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Ever ignored a bill? 13 million of us have…

2 October 2013

Ignoring a bill because you don’t have enough money to pay it is more common than you think. But help is at hand.

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After the bills - what's left?

1 October 2013

We all like to treat ourselves from time to time but sometimes it’s hard to know how much money we’ll have left over once we’ve paid the bills. The good news is that there are ways to keep on top of our finances.

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