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October 2014

How to throw a Halloween party, without breaking the bank

31 October 2014

Halloween falls on a Friday this year; the perfect excuse for a party. Here’s how to throw one on a budget.

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Spending big on an impulse

30 October 2014

One in seven Brits will spend up to £100 on an unplanned purchase – are you one of them?

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Keep up with the latest fashion trends for less this autumn

29 October 2014

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of fashion can be tricky - especially if you’re on a budget. But we’ve got some top money-saving tips to help you look good for less this autumn.

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Easy to make Halloween costumes on a budget

28 October 2014

With Halloween coming up you need to make sure you have a killer outfit, but this doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Why we buy clothes on impulse – and how to stop

27 October 2014

Three in 10 Brits would buy clothes on the spur-of-the-moment, so why do we impulse buy?

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Money saving ways to keep the kids entertained this October half term

24 October 2014

For parents school holidays aren’t always easy, but we’ve picked some of the best offers to help you keep the kids entertained this October half term.

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Top ways to be scam savvy when shopping online

22 October 2014

Stay safe when shopping online by following our simple guide to avoid being scammed.

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Do you know the difference between an authorised and unauthorised overdraft?

17 October 2014

An overdraft may seem like a useful supplement to your income, but in reality it’s credit – and if you go beyond your authorised limit you could be charged by your bank.

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Why is it so important to have a will?

15 October 2014

If you’re undecided about whether it’s worth getting a will, new inheritance rules may just change your mind.

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David Beckham and Dawn French or Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver – who’s your celebrity parenting dream team?

14 October 2014

Would you go for money, sense of humour or great cooking skills if you were picking your ideal celebrity parents? A new survey has revealed the UK’s dream parenting team.

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thinkmoney’s definitive guide to budgeting

10 October 2014

Keeping track of your finances can be tough, so we’ve put together the ultimate thinkmoney guide to budgeting, to help you plan and save money.

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Still live at home? You may be saving a bundle!

8 October 2014

£17.1bn a year is the sum mums and dads with grown-up kids living at home are saving their offspring.

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Show me the money! – 12 financial lessons from our favourite films (and TV series)

3 October 2014

From Catch Me If You Can to Friends, movies and TV shows can teach us a lot about managing money – but how much of it is sound financial advice?

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