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September 2014

Over-feathered nests could be stopping adult kids moving out

30 September 2014

Would you tidy your adult child’s bedroom? Parents around the country may be guilty of spoiling their grown-up children to the point that they don’t want to leave home.

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Money saving ways to entertain the kids indoors this autumn

26 September 2014

When it’s too cold to play out, keep the kids entertained indoors, without resorting to the TV.

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Would you date someone who lives with their parents?

23 September 2014

Still living with your parents once you’re an adult not only means your privacy suffers and you have to share a bathroom – it could also mean you lose out on dates.

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From APR to STO – 14 basic banking abbreviations we should all learn

19 September 2014

Acronyms in banking can often leave you feeling all at sea, so here’s a helpful list of 14 abbreviations you might see.

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Are you one of the boomerang generation?

15 September 2014

Of the 20-somethings currently living at their parents’, many have moved back there. Finances, health and relationship breakdown were all listed as factors driving Brits home again.

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Is it time you flew the nest?

1 September 2014

The expense of renting or buying is not the only thing convincing many 20-somethings to live with their parents – some simply prefer it.

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