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If you’re thinking about signing up to a TV streaming service, you’ve probably already compared the costs of popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

Unlike its competitors, Amazon Prime comes with additional features such as unlimited-one day delivery and access to the Prime Music service. And recently, Amazon has started to make certain items exclusive only to Prime customers.

With this in mind, we’re looking at the items that are now exclusive and whether it’s worth signing up to Amazon Prime as a result.


Certain films and games are now exclusive only to Amazon Prime customers. Attempts to purchase games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 (on PlayStation 4), Rainbow Six Siege (on PlayStation 4) and Fallout 4 (on Windows PC) are met with no success unless you’re signed up to the Amazon Prime service.

Similarly, DVDs like The Americans Season 1 are no longer available to non-Prime customers. Customers that try to purchase these items are met with the following message:

Instead of the button that lets you buy the item, customers are encouraged to try a free trial of Amazon Prime. The option to buy used goods is still available.

It’s probably not worth signing up to Amazon Prime just to access these exclusive items. You can still buy them from third-party sellers and if you shop around you could still find yourself a good deal.

If there is a certain item that is cheaper on Amazon, you could always sign up to a free trial in order to buy it. Just remember to cancel the free trial before the 30-day period ends as you’ll automatically start paying the full membership fee. Remember, that if you’ve taken part in a free trial already you won’t be able to sign up to one again.

Is it worth signing up to Amazon Prime?

Looking for an affordable TV streaming service? At £79 a year, Amazon Prime could be good value depending on the services you use. For this price, you get unlimited one-day delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, unlimited photo storage, access to Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, and early access to Lightning Deals.

Popular streaming services like as Netflix and Now TV charge you £5.99 (for a basic package) and £6.99 (for the entertainment package) respectively each month. If you were to break down the monthly cost of Prime Video, it would work out at around £6.60 a month.

One-day delivery for non-Prime customers costs between £3.95 and £7.99 per item and music subscriptions to Spotify and Apple Music both start at £9.99 a month. At £79, the upfront fee could work out in your favour if you take advantage of the others services included in the cost.

Put off by the upfront fee? Amazon customers in the UK will soon be able to pay for their subscription on a monthly basis at a cost of £7.99. But the total yearly cost of paying monthly is £95.88 is comparison to the £79 annual fee.

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