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Nice and mobile (unlike a PC) and equipped with a big screen (unlike a phone), the tablet is a device that more and more people are turning to, using them for all kinds of things.

According to Haridas Nair, Vice President of Mobile Commerce Product and Strategy for Sybase 365, tablets are 'becoming the device of choice for banking on the go' for customers.

And he predicts it's 'only a matter of time' before banks start handing them to all their executives as well as - or instead of - laptops. An article in tells the story.

However, one thing Mr Nair does stress is that banking on a tablet doesn't always work as well as it could / should. After all, standard online banking sites are designed for PCs (with mouse and keyboard), while banking apps are typically designed to work on a phone's small screen. So the user experience isn't always smooth and enjoyable.

So he's pleased with a recent report showing that some banks have dealt with that problem, creating tablet-specific apps to go on both Android tablets and iPads.

Traditionally, Mr Nair concludes, banks haven't exactly been quick to adopt new technologies, but the mobile banking solutions that customers use have certainly been 'coming out at a good clip'. Now that tablets are well and truly here - and very popular with professionals - he reckons that 'corporate banking functions' will make the move to mobile even more rapidly.

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