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The UK's 'hunger' for borrowing hasn't gone away, the latest 'lending to individuals' figures from the Bank of England suggest an extra £1 billion was lent out to consumers in September this year, compared with August.

In fact, on average borrowers took on a combined £1 billion more than they repaid every month for the previous six months.

Debts secured against properties have grown since June this year and the amount being repaid is growing too - but not at the same rate. In June this year, gross secured lending totalled £11.3 billion and £11.1 billion was repaid. However in September this year, gross secured lending totalled £12.2 billion and £11.7 billion was repaid.

The types of secured borrowing are growing at different rates, with more people remortgaging than taking out mortgages for new properties. Between June and September this year, there was a 4.4% increase in mortgage approvals for new house purchases. However, over the same period, the number of people remortgaging grew by 10.6%.

A spokesperson for thinkmoney commented: "The latest lending figures from the Bank of England show that the amounts banks and other financial institutions are lending is growing, but we are still not seeing the same levels of lending as pre-recession.

"While it's encouraging to see that debt repayments are increasing on the whole, they are not increasing at the same rate as borrowing. If an individual borrows more and more, but can't repay at the same rate, they could eventually get into debt problems.

"If you think you may be having debt problems, read the thinkmoney guide to getting out of debt for information on a range of solutions to see what may be suitable for you."

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