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According to the ninth annual World Retail Banking Report, carried out by Capgemini and Efma, banks must turn their backs on a 'do everything' approach and focus on their strengths instead, in an effort to improve customer relationships.

The report said that although banking customer satisfaction was generally found to be high, 40% of people surveyed were unsure whether they would stay with their bank and 9% said it was likely they'd switch to another bank account provider in the next six months.

Looking worldwide, the findings revealed that banks scored an average of 65% when it comes to customer satisfaction. Here in the UK, 75.2% of customers were happy with their bank's service - an increase from 74.5% last year.

However, looking to the future, 34% of banking customers on these shores said they were unsure if they'd move to a different bank - while 6% said they probably would switch.

Patrick Desmares, secretary general of Efma, said the best hope for banks to hold on to customers was to work on their strengths. He commented: "Right now, banks need to focus on building holistic, prioritised, nimble and future-proof strategies or risk losing more of their customer base."

The report also highlighted mobile banking as the area with the most potential for enhancing customer satisfaction. It said: "Although mobile banking is currently offering the least positive customer experience, it has also improved among all channels. To succeed in this market, banks will need to align their mobile strategies to better fit the size, profile and region of their targeted customer segments."

A spokesperson for thinkbanking commented: "When it comes to banking, it's important to get a bank account that meets all your needs. As these findings show, many people aren't entirely happy with the service they're currently getting from their bank. If you're in this position, taking time to do some research and finding a bank account that offers the services you really need should be a priority."

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