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Now November is well and truly under way, you’re probably starting to think about the festive season. But there’s another big event to come before Christmas – and that’s Black Friday 2016 on 25 November.

Black Friday is traditionally an American shopping day where all of the big stores offer big discounts on everything from gadgets and toys to clothes and beauty products. In the last few years, Black Friday has become a UK bargain day too, meaning it can be a great time to get the bulk of your Christmas shopping done.

Not sure what to expect? We’ll take you through what will happen on Black Friday 2016 and where you can get the best deals.

What happens on the day?

In the past, Black Friday just meant bargain buys in physical stores, leading some people to queue up overnight to get their hands on the deals. That still happens but now the sales have moved online too. So you can either get yourself down bright and early to the shops or just log on to see what’s available.

Black Friday also has an online-only counterpart – Cyber Monday. Retailers will usually save certain deals just for this day. And with the rise of tech-savvy shoppers, stores are increasingly offering bargains from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday – giving you at least four days to pick up cheap goods.

Why Black Friday?

No one actually knows what the name ‘Black Friday’ means. It’s possibly to do with stores going into profit on this day, getting out of ‘the red’ and into ‘the black.

As Black Friday is a US tradition, it always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. But as we’re in the UK, that just means the fourth Friday of November – that’s 25 November in 2016.

Who has the best deals?

Stores don’t confirm what deals they’ll have until Black Friday itself. That’s why if you want to pick up a bargain, you either need to queue up in the cold or get ready to wait online.

But some of the biggest retailers have already confirmed they’re having Black Friday sales – that’s Amazon, Halfords and John Lewis. Want to get an idea of the deals they’ll offer on the day? Check out our post on Black Friday deals 2015 to see the sort of things you can usually pick up.

Stay safe!

If you’re planning to go shopping this Black Friday 2016, don’t lose your common sense just there are some great bargains available. You still need to make sure you stay safe if you’re shopping online.

Be careful if you’re visiting a website you don’t usually go to. Check the text and the photos on the site. If they’re of poor quality, close down and don’t buy from it.

If you’re buying anything, look out for ‘https’ in the address bar of the payment page. This tells you that the site is safe to type your card details into.

And if you’re buying anything worth more than £100, it might be worth using your credit card for this. That way, you can benefit from Section 75 protection.

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