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You’ve got your tent, paid for your ticket and have picked up a few food supplies for the road – but what are you going to wear? Festival style gets cranked up a notch every year, so whether you want to emulate the style of the cool kids at Coachella or be inspired by the Glastonbury’s of the past – here’s three looks for you to take inspiration from, which won’t break the bank.


The kimono is a go-to item for festival season so pick up one like this from H&M before you set off. For an effortless feel, pair the kimono with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a basic tee and you’ll have a Boho-chic look in an instant! As the UK weather is notoriously unpredictable, pair your outfit with a pair of wellies – these from F&F at Tesco are stylish, sleek and finish just before the knee - and they’re only £18!

Tie-dye heaven

To pay homage to the seventies, pair this stunning tie-dye dress from Primark with a pair of skinny jeans. For an alternative to the long wellie boot, try these funky Chelsea wellies from New Look and get out this long mac when the rain clouds start to hover. If the weather is warm on the day, ditch the mac and wellies and give these metallic sandals a whirl – if you get a little muddy, never mind, that’s all part of the experience, right?


If you’re looking to edge up a classic festival piece like this pretty floral dress from Primark, try and pair it with something leather like this leather-look jacket from Primark. A look like this is in keeping with the festival tone while adding a touch of rock n roll – which is never a bad thing! Shoe-wise you may have to opt for a pair of trusty wellies, but in an ideal world you’d be able to wear these ankle boots from H&M – a girl can dream, can’t she?

So, you’ve got your look sorted, but what about accessories?

1. Floral crowns are a must, so embrace your inner flower child and opt for something like this from New Look. It’s a bargain at just £3.99!

2. A trusty backpack like this one from New Look is ideal for keeping all of your things in and will be light enough to let you move freely when your favourite band takes to the stage.

3. If you’re having something of a bad hair day, no one will suspect a thing if you cover up with a floppy hat like this from H&M. It’s the epitome of chic and will look fab with any outfit.

4. Eye catching jewellery is a must, so choose something like this necklace and bracelet set from Primark.

5. Patterned scarves like this from H&M can be worn as a number of things at a festival - you could use it as a head wrap, weave it into your hair or go old school and simply drape it around your shoulders. The choice is yours!

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