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The British Bankers' Association (BBA) - 'the voice of banking and the financial services' - is expected to name Anthony Browne as its new head today, reports The Financial Times. He's an executive at Morgan Stanley and used to be Boris Johnson's adviser.

The current chief executive of the BBA, Angela Knight, is going to step down in April and Mr Browne will begin his role this September. Marcus Agius, the chairman of the BBA and Barclay's, spent two months trying to find a suitable replacement for her.

So what credentials do you need to become head of the BBA? Mr Browne actually used to be a journalist specialising in business and politics at the BBC, Observer and The Times before moving into politics and a career in the City.

He's used to defending banks and financial services, in the face of unpopular opinion, from his experience with City UK, a group he helped to establish that promotes the square mile.

He was head of government relations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm which may help him when it comes to dealing with ministers on thorny issues like bankers' pay.

He'll be busy in his new role - the BBA needs to rebuild the reputation of financial services with consumers and politicians and will be involved with new banking regulations in the UK.

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