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Research for budgeting account provider thinkmoney has found that people in the UK have made more than £3.5 billion in the last year by selling unwanted items.

More than two thirds (67%) of Brits have sold something second hand, raising an average of £106.15 each over the last 12 months alone.

The most popular second-hand goods are CDs and DVDs, sold by 38% of those selling second-hand. 35% have sold books, 28% sold clothes and 26% sold an old mobile phone. More than a quarter (26%) have sold unwanted gifts.

eBay the most popular way to sell second-hand

eBay and other online auction sites have been used by almost two thirds (61%) of people selling things second-hand. Car boot sales remain popular (42%), and other popular ways to sell include adverts in local papers (19%), on Amazon (15%) and through mobile phone recycling websites (15%).

The best things in life are free

Despite the money to be made by selling second hand, it seems that most of us are happy to give things away free of charge. 73% of people have given something away to charity shops, 60% to friends and family and 13% have used websites such as Freecycle.

The most popular freebies include books (61% have given them away), clothes (59%), CDs/DVDs (43%), unwanted gifts (39%) and toys (39%).

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