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Millions of BT customers will see the cost of their landline and broadband services rise this summer, after BT announced an increase of more than 5 per cent for line rental and almost 7.5 per cent for calls. Broadband customers will also see their prices rise from 3 July.

If you’re a BT customer, we’re going to take you through what this price hike could mean for you and whether you have to pay these new prices.

New prices

From 3 July, the following prices will change.

Standard line rental: this will rise from £17.99 a month to £18.88 a month.

Line rental saver (pay a year upfront): this will go up from £194.28 to £205.08.

Call costs: set-up fees for landline calls will rise from 17.07p to 19p – an increase of 11.3 per cent. Call rates per-minute to UK landlines and 0870 numbers will rise from 10.24p a minute to 11p a minute.

Unlimited Anytime Calls package: this will increase from £7.95 a month to £8.50 a month. Under the new changes, you will now get free calls to other BT Mobile users from a landline.

Standard broadband: this will rise from £13 a month to £15 a month.

Fibre broadband: the average BT Infinity package will now cost £2.05 a month. Infinity 1 is going up from £20 a month to £21 a month. Unlimited Infinity 1 is rising from £23 a month to £26 a month – a total increase of 13 per cent.

BT Sport: the BT Sport Pack is increasing per month by £1 from £5 a month to £6. If you have BT TV, this will still be free.

BT Basic – a phone service for low-income customers – won’t change in price and will still cost £5.10 a month.

This isn’t the first time that BT has increased their prices in the last two years. In September 2015, BT announced a price increase of 7 per cent for its landline and broadband services.

Do I have to pay?

Under Ofcom rules, you can get out of your contract without having to pay any penalty charges as long as you leave within 30 days of being given official notice of a price increase. If you want to switch to another provider, you’ll only have 14 days to do this.

If you don’t mind staying with BT, then this could be the ideal opportunity to haggle for a better deal. They don’t have to offer you a cheaper deal but you’ve got nothing to lose by ringing up and being polite. You’ll still have the right to leave penalty-free if they don’t give you an improved package.

BT are promising improved service for customers that stay with them including faster call-outs, a free speed increase to 52 megabits per second (Mbps) from 38 Mbps and a free usage allowance upgrade. Not all customers will receive all of these improvements, but everyone will be offered free BT Net Protect security software.

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