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When it comes to buying clothes for your kids, it can be easy to get into the habit of picking up pieces every time you go shopping. But as they grow so quickly, it is likely that half of what you buy for them only gets worn once or twice. So, instead of throwing your money away, why not adopt a more minimalistic approach and embrace a capsule wardrobe for your little boy? It’s honestly not as time consuming as it sounds and our guide will walk you through it, step-by-step…

Step 1: Before you do anything, you need to understand what a capsule wardrobe is. If you’ve seen our capsule wardrobe guides for men, women and girls then you may already be familiar with the concept. If not, a capsule wardrobe is basically a collection of clothing that coordinates and easily mixes and matches with each other. For example, a pair of jeans in this collection should be able to match with a top and hoodie one day, and then with a more formal shirt another day.

Step 2: The items in a capsule collection don’t have to be brand new. You can look at what you already have in your son’s wardrobe and pick and choose items that you think are still in good condition and fit him. When having a sort through their wardrobe, separate their clothing into piles of what you’re going to keep, throw away and donate. You could sell certain items online if you think they’re good enough quality, or donate them to a charity shop.

Step 3: Once you’ve done this you’ll need to start thinking about replacing some of what you’ve thrown away. When looking for new items you may want to consider buying them in bigger sizes so that your child can get more wear out of the clothes that you buy – let’s face it kids – can grow incredibly quickly!

To help you know what to include in a boys capsule wardrobe, take inspiration from the following selection:


To make sure that your little guy looks effortlessly cool this spring, pick up a hooded jacket like this one from George at Asda. This jacket is budget-friendly at just £12 and could be worn right up until autumn.


Jeans are a fashion staple for the whole family and boys are no different, so why not add a pair of jeans like this two tone pair from Primark into the mix? This pair are a bit slouchy so you’re little one should be able to run around with ease and they’re only £6 too! For older boys, why not try this slim pair from H&M at a similar price?


As well as a pair of jeans, you should also invest in a pair of more formal trousers for your little one. Tan chinos like these from Matalan would be great for the weekends but could also be smartened up for a party or special occasion. These trousers are affordable in price, ranging from £10 - £12 depending on age.


A jumper like this from George at Asda could be worn over a t-shirt or a more formal shirt, depending on the occasion. At only £6, this jumper is a great find and is bound to be easy to mix and match with other items in his wardrobe.


To create a couple of different looks, you’ll need a few different basic tops for your boy to wear. Tops like these from F&F at Tesco come in a variety of colours and range from £9 - £11.


This geo-print shirt from Primark will look stylish when paired with either jeans or a pair of neutral trousers like chinos. It would make the perfect shirt to wear for a friend’s party and could even be worn to a wedding if you smarten it up with more formal trousers. At only £6 it’s quite the bargain too!


A hoodie helps to create a casual everyday look and will help to keep your little one warm while they’re busy running about! When choosing a hoodie, go for something like this from George at Asda. This one’s available in sizes up to age 14 and is only £6.


Canvas pumps like these from F&F at Tesco are great for little boys and these in particular are very reminiscent of those made by Vans. Instead of spending up to £30 on a pair of Vans, you can pick these ones up for only £9! Although pumps like these are great, you’ll have to make sure that your son has some smart shoes in his wardrobe too. So why not grab these desert boots from Matalan, they’re stylish, smart and are only £12 – result!

We hope that our guide to a boy’s capsule wardrobe has given you inspiration as to how you can streamline your own child’s wardrobe. The clothes featured in this guide cost no more than £80, which, considering you should be able to make up to 15 different outfits, we don’t think is bad at all!

*All prices were correct at time of writing – 19/03/15.

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