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EE has announced that it will pull popular two-for-one cinema deal Orange Wednesdays as of the end of this month. That means that the last day that EE customers will be able to get the cheaper cinema tickets is on Wednesday 25th February.

Orange Wednesdays have long been a favourite of those looking for a good weekday evening out on a budget and many deal-hunters will surely be sad to see it end. However, if you’re looking for a cheap night out in the week, there are other alternatives.

Early partying: late night clubbing sessions are best kept to weekends, but you could still go dancing on a weeknight for free. A lot of clubs offer free entry before a set time, perfect for work nights. Stick to soft drinks and get home before the rowdy crowd comes in.

Laugh for free: you don’t have to spend a lot to have a good laugh, as comedy clubs often have open mic nights which are cheap or free to attend. Be warned if you suffer from second-hand embarrassment; you may see a lot of people making awkward jokes with nobody laughing at them - but you could also discover the next big comedy superstar.

Go out – and stay in: eating out can be expensive, unless you make use of two-for-one voucher codes. One alternative is to get together a group of friends and take it in turns to hold a dinner party for everyone, just like Come Dine With Me. You can get dressed up just like you’re going out to a restaurant and you won’t necessarily have to spend a lot to cook a feast when it comes around to your turn.

Retro roller-skating: while going to an ice-skating rink could cost you around £10 per person, it can be just a few pounds to go roller-skating. Channel sweet 50s style and find a local roller-skating rink that has a late night. If you’re an expert, you can rock the two-wheeled roller blades but don’t worry – a lot of roller-skating rinks have the four-wheeled skates if you’re a bit rusty.

Cheap (or free) cinema tickets: don’t worry; discounted cinema won’t completely be a thing of the past. Vue runs Super Tuesday where you can get up to a third off the price of cinema tickets on Tuesdays. If you go to the pictures a lot and have a Cineworld cinema near you, you might want to think about getting a monthly pass for £16.40. That works out at around the cost of three tickets, so if you’re planning to see more films than that in a month, you could save a few quid.

Get a workout: okay, so running around and getting some exercise might not seem quite as enjoyable as relaxing and watching a film, but going to an exercise class doesn’t have to be tiring. Have a look what’s on in your area and you could go to a dance class with a mate for under a fiver.

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