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According to research from Lloyds TSB, women in younger households are taking more control of finances and taking charge of important tasks such as paying bills and choosing a bank account.

The latest findings from the bank's Family Savings Report, in association with the Future Foundation, suggest that among couples aged under 45, over half (52%) of women are choosing providers of financial services, such as bank accounts.

52% of women are also taking charge of planning their household's finances for the future and 54% have taken the reins when it comes to day-to-day money management, such as paying the bills.

Furthermore, it seems there is a link between households where women are in charge of the purse strings and higher rates of savings. A full 91% of households where women look after the long-term financial planning have some money set aside - compared with just 82% of households where men are balancing the books.

Yet more generally, it appears that the tough financial climate has persuaded more and more people - male and female - to plan their finances. Before the recession hit, 56% of adults in the UK said they carefully budgeted for their monthly costs. In 2012, however, this figure increased to 70%.

Indeed, the research indicates that 94% of British households currently have at least one person in charge of the family's finances.

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