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If you’re a pet lover, it isn’t just gifts for humans you need to worry about this Christmas. Your dog, cat or other furry companion needs some love too, besides just getting the dinner leftovers. Whilst they may not actually know that it’s Christmas, here are some gift ideas to treat your four-legged friends.

Doggy Delights

One of the best ways to show the world how much you love your dog is to buy it a smart new personalised tag. We found this one from Tilliemint Loves on Not On The High Street, which you can get in the shape of either a heart or a bone. The tag will be personalised with your pooch’s name and comes in a stylish grey or yellow, all for just £6.50.

If you’re looking for something a bit more festive – and a bit less subtle – why not get your dog a Christmas outfit? This reindeer outfit from Pets Pyjamas is £17.99 and will mean that your four-legged friend is a more than suitable replacement for Rudolph. Or, if you think your pooch looks good enough to eat, dress them up in this Christmas pudding suit for under £11.

The presents your dog would probably most thank you for – if they could talk – are something they could eat. Whilst your pooch won’t do too badly out of the turkey dinner leftovers from Christmas Day, you could also buy them a tasty treat all of their own – and this is probably better for them than your leftovers. The Little Barker Bakery has a dog cake kit for £8.99 so you can bake up a delicious pudding for your pup. For something a bit smaller, you can also get some pre-made Peamutt dog treats for just £3.75.

If you think your dog is a budding Einstein, test its intelligence while giving it a treat at the same time. This IQuties Treat Wheel is a little game for your pooch where it has to figure out how to slide the puzzle and get to the hidden treats. It’s £16.99, and it’s sure to keep your dog entertained for hours.

Pamper your pup by giving it a good clean with dog shampoo and conditioner. This Complete Care Soothing Shampoo from Dogs Trust is £6.99 and is made from natural ingredients to keep your pet’s coat nourished. If you really feel like giving them a treat, the Detangle & Enhance Conditioner is less than £10, and will make your dog’s fur look and feel shiny and moisturised.

Kitty’s Christmas

For Christmas 2014, why not treat your feline friend to a new place to play? Of course, your entire house is your cat’s dominion, but you can give them a special place of their own to play in that’s fun for you too! These cat playhouses from Suck UK are made of cardboard and come flat packed - but you’ll probably have to put them together for your kitty. They’re all £20, and you can choose from a tank, a plane, a fire engine, and a ‘catillac’.

For a more traditional way to keep your cat entertained, this tunnel run from Pets Pyjamas also doubles up as a scratching post. It’s £19.96, and comes with a little platform for them to sit and sleep on, so they can feel important with a place to perch.

If you want to spoil your cat with all its favourite things to show you care this Christmas, buy it a little gift set of treats. This Kitty Cat Gift Set for Cat Lovers is only £10.95 and comes with a full range of toys and a treats recipe guide, so your cat doesn’t have to miss out on Christmas dinner.

And it’s not only your dog who can have ‘fun’ dressing up this Christmas – your cat can get an outfit too. This cute little Santa outfit is only £4.99 and will have your kitty feeling festive and looking pretty smart too.

We’re due for a cold one this winter, and it’s not just you who’ll be shivering by the radiator when it starts to snow. You can keep your cat warm with these Hotties; pet hot water bottles from Petlife. They’re easily heated in the microwave and made from scratch resistant material, so your kitty won’t be able to destroy it easily. They come in a range of colours and cost £15.99, but we’ve found a few left in stock on Amazon for £13.99.

Small animal surprises

If you have a little pet, you can show them how much you care with some little gifts this Christmas. For hamster-lovers, if you’re inclined to let your fluffy friend over-indulge during the holidays, help them get some exercise with this adorable Critter Cruiser. It works just like a normal hamster exercise wheel but it’s built into a little pink car, so your pet can speed around the floor while it works out. It’s on Amazon for less than £18.

For a more traditional way to give your hamster a good workout, let him explore this cardboard castle by SmartKitz. It’s got plenty of towers and turrets for your hamster to explore, and it costs just £10.

If you’re looking to brighten up your furry friend’s cage, this little rainbow bridge will entertain your hamster while it plays. It’s on sale now for just £3.49.

Guinea pigs and rats don’t need to miss out on the fun either; they’ll love this snug little animal bed made from faux suede. It also provides a little hideaway where your pet can rest if it wants some alone time, and prices start from just £6.

Show your rabbit some love with this snack roll from PetPlanet. It’s a great way to train your rabbit how to play, and he’ll have fun and get a tasty reward at the same time! It’s on sale now for £4.99.

Whether you have a guinea pig, a rabbit or a rat, you don’t want them to miss out on the festive cheer. Obviously your pets can’t eat real chocolate, but we found this Christmas stocking for small animals for only £5 that’s packed with tasty fruit and chocolate treats designed especially for your little animal.

Will your pet be getting a special treat for Christmas 2014? Are you going to stick to little gifts or go all out? Tell us your plans on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

*Prices correct at time of writing – 17/12/14.

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