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Later this year, you'll be able to pay in cheques (as well as cash) at over 11,000 Post Office branches. You can find your nearest branch, here.

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We'll let you know nearer the time when we are making this change, but for now you should continue to use RBS or NatWest branches to pay in cheques. Once our upgrade is complete you will no longer be able to use RBS or NatWest branches to pay in either cash or cheques or for any other counter services.

Your cheque will be available to withdraw 7 working days later (starting the day after you pay it in) - that's one day quicker than the current system.

We'll keep you posted

Earlier this year we contacted you to let you know that these changes would be coming into effect on or after the 20th May. As soon as the date is confirmed - later this year - we'll let you know and also we'll give you full details of how to pay in cheques at the Post Office.

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