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Card Payment

As you know, later this year we are going to be bringing you a new, even better thinkmoney.

One of the changes we are making is to improve the statements that you get each month - to make them easier to read and understand.

The new statements will be thinkmoney branded and will include both your account and card transactions on a single statement. By default we will send you your statement in the post, but if you prefer you can opt to have it emailed directly to your Online Account Management inbox instead.

When we make this change you'll no longer receive statements from RBS.

Think Money Statement

Fixed fee dates

A few weeks ago we told you about some changes we are making to the way we collect your fee.

We expect our account upgrade to be completed later this year. Once it is then your fee date will be fixed: it will be the same date each month. If, on the day we complete our upgrade, you have already paid your fee that month then that date will be set as your fee date. For example if you last pay a fee before our upgrade on the 13th of the month, then your regular fee date will be the 13th of each month from then on.

If on the date of the upgrade you have yet to pay your fee for the month, we will set your fee date as the date that your next main income is due into the account.

You can’t change the date of your fee, but we will budget money in your salaries account to ensure that it is covered.

We'll be in touch nearer the time to let you know when the changes will take effect and to let you know your new fee date.

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