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  Menu - the Payment Council's education campaign - has found that although nearly half of over-65s have access to a computing device, only 32% of that group use internet banking.

There's a large generation gap, as twice as many (64% of) 25-34-year-olds take advantage of internet banking services.

Over-65s seem less willing to embrace internet banking, despite having spent an average of £622 each on laptops, smartphones, desktop computers and tablets. Overall, over-65s have spent £2.5 billion on computer equipment.

One of the key factors in older people's unwillingness to bank online is concern about security. 39% of over-65s say that this is the reason why they don't use internet banking. This, however, is contradicted by recent figures stating that fraud-related losses from internet banking dropped by 24% from 2010 to 2011. What's more, any innocent victim of fraud would be legally protected against any financial loss.

Historian and comedian Tony Robinson supports the Pay Your Way campaign that raises awareness of the advantages of the internet. He said "Internet banking allows you to keep on top of your money matters, and while I know that older people often feel a bit daunted about using it, if a butter-fingered nincompoop like me can find my way around the internet, anyone can!"

These days, many banks offer online banking services that make things much easier for the customer. An expert from thinkmoney commented: "There are bank accounts out there that can meet the needs of even the most hardened 'technophobe'. Online banking services are designed to be straightforward - it can make banking much quicker and more convenient so you can get on with your daily life.

"If you are unsure about managing your money, you may want to consider a managed account. The thinkmoney Current Account splits your money into two accounts - one for essential costs and the other for spending. This is designed to ensure that your money for your rent / mortgage and bills, as well as any other monthly costs you tell us about, is in the right place at the right time. This is all set up by an expert, with your guidance, so you would still be in control without having to take care of all the day-to-day transactions.

"The online banking service allows you to manage your money at any time and, if you're not sure, a dedicated Money Manager will be on hand to help you out."

If you do worry about your online safety while banking, please take a look at some of the guides we have written on this topic. They should help you take some steps to feel more secure online:

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