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With the warmer weather just around the corner, you may be thinking about planning your summer holiday. If you’re heading off to a sunnier location, then you could pay less for your baggage from June.

Budget airline Ryanair has announced that it will simplify its fees for checked baggage this summer, and it says this could help to reduce costs for the majority of customers. To get you up to speed on what this new initiative could mean for you, we’re going to take you through the details.

Baggage fees

At the moment, Ryanair currently charge for baggage based on a number of different factors. These include whether the bag weighs up to 15kg or 20kg, is a passenger’s first or second bag and whether the flight is in high or low season.

Under this current system, passengers can pay as much as £80 to check in a 20kg bag at the airport during peak season. From June, baggage charges will be replaced by a flat rate fee of around £30 which will apply to all 20kg bags.

Factors such as when the holiday is taken and when the passengers booked the luggage won’t matter. The new system won’t charge you any more for second, third and fourth bags either. But for customers travelling during low season, it would mean a 50 per cent increase on the price of checking in a 15kg bag online – this currently only costs £20.

Ryanair claim that this shouldn’t affect too many customers as the majority check in bags in high season. Around 30 to 35 per cent of travellers in the summer check in bags while only 5 per cent of those flying in November do the same – meaning that most of their passengers should be better off.

Other initiatives

This is not the only new initiative Ryanair are looking to bring in. As part of a plan to improve their customer experience, Ryanair is looking to pilot the following.

• A ‘Rate My Flight’ option via an app will be available from May. This will let you score your flight and give any feedback.

• The membership scheme ‘My Ryanair Club’ will expand from October. It will include priority access to flight sales and other incentives – for example, if you book 12 return flights a year you’ll receive a free return-flight.

• ‘Leisure Plus’ – a new band of seating between standard economy and business class – will be available from July. The price will start from £43.99 and will include reserved seating, priority boarding and a 20kg luggage allowance.

• The ‘Business Plus’ seating band will include a ‘fast track’ option at most airports, and include priority boarding and a two-day flexibility window. This will be available from July.

• Digital gift vouchers will be available from November.

Changes to baggage fees will come into force on 16 June and won’t apply to passengers who have already booked their flights. On long journeys – for example, from London to the Canary Islands – you’ll still pay the higher fees.

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