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Link, the British cash machine network, has announced plans to let users make charitable donations from any of its 64,500 ATMs across the nation by the end of 2012, reports.

The UK's banks, building societies and cash machine operators have agreed to work together on the scheme, which is expected to be accessible by owners of the 100 million Link-enabled cards in circulation across the UK, at any of its cash machines.

A spokesperson for Link said: "The programme will certainly be launched this year – we hope in time for the Giving Summit at Downing Street on 8 May.

"A lot of the specifics will be up to the individual ATM operator: they will give the customer their choice of charities, ranging from international to local, as well as setting limits for donation, although there will be a universal minimum of £1."

It's not yet clear exactly what charities are going to be taking part in the scheme and the spokesperson added that it will be up to each individual ATM operator whether they wish to provide a donations menu at all.

The idea of charitable giving through ATMs was originally outlined in the Government's Giving Green Paper back in 2010, which took as its model the existing Colombian system of cash machine giving - and called on UK banks and ATM providers to follow its lead.

Since then, ATM operator Bank Machine, which is a member of Link and operates 3,500 cash machines across the UK, became one of the first operators to start approaching charities about the new scheme in November 2011 - with hundreds of charities registering their interest.

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