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One good thing that has come from the financial crisis of the last few years is that more of us are taking better care of our finances. But recent research suggests that in many cases, children are better than adults at putting money into savings.

Money-saving website MyFamilyClub interviewed 1,000 children and parents, and found that three quarters of children have their own bank account. 81% of those have put money into their account in the last year.

Regionally, Scottish children are the best savers - with 89% putting money aside - compared with 65% in the Midlands, who are least likely to do so.

Children are also investing their pocket money more wisely than ever. On average they receive £4.65 a week from their parents, with 78% of children saving some or all of it. But the survey also found that 15% of children don't receive any money because their parents can't afford it.

An expert at thinkbanking commented: "On this evidence, it would appear that some of us could learn a thing or two from children about managing our money. Of course, in reality most children are learning good savings habits from their parents.

"But it's still the case that many of us struggle to manage our own money, let alone pass on good saving habits to our children. It's always worth getting into the habit of planning your finances in advance, but for those who struggle to do so there are bank accounts that can do it for you."

The thinkbanking account is one such account, helping people to manage their money by putting money for essential expenses to one side at the beginning of the month. This makes it much more difficult to accidentally overspend or miss payments. Find out more about the thinkbanking account here.

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