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You might have heard that here at thinkmoney we are a little bit obsessed with jam jars… and you’d be right! Whether it’s upcycling them, storing things in them, or our “jam jar” Current Account, we’re definitely big on the humble jar.

To spice things up a little, in return for their creative foodie concoctions, we’re giving 15 lucky bloggers the opportunity to win a wonderful Le Creuset prize package in conjunction with our Jam J-Art gallery.

Our Jam J-art campaign celebrates all of the different ways you can re-use jam jars – from crafting beautiful gifts, decorating your home or just serving food. If you’re looking for some off-the-wall suggestions, we’ve got them all in our 101 uses for jam-jars mega-blog!

But it doesn’t stop there! To come up with some other great ideas of what you can do with jam jars, we’ve challenged 15 food bloggers to create an edible treat in a jar. Whether it’s an indulgent treat to keep all to yourself like the hot cocoa jar above, or a present for a loved one, like this jar of chocolate hearts, we’re just looking to see how creative they can be!

The winner of our fabulous Jam J-Art competition will receive a professional cookware prize package from Le Creuset, including a stoneware rectangular dish, a stoneware mixing jug, a 12 cup mini muffin tray and a stoneware heart ramekin – so they’ll be able to take their culinary skills to the next level!

Once we’ve decided on our favourite foodie creations, we’ll feature the winner in a blog post so keep your eyes peeled for some more jar inspiration.

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