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As you know, we don't complete a credit check on customers when you open your account with us - this will still be the case.

But, once our upgrade is complete, we'll be reporting that you have an account with us to credit reference agencies each month. This will show as a current account on your credit history.

We will also be completing a search of your credit history when you apply to use your credit facility. This will leave a footprint on your credit history that will be visible to you, but not to other lenders. From time to time we will complete a review of your credit facility to reconfirm that you are still eligible for credit, and we will run a credit check that will be visible to other lenders.

Lenders’ policies vary, but having an active current account showing on your credit history will generally help if you apply for credit in future. If you use your Credit Facility responsibly and repay it when it is due, this should help you improve your credit history. As you'd expect, any missed or late repayments will make have the opposite effect and may make it harder to get credit in future.

A new Sort Code

When we complete the upgrade your Sort Code will change - but don't worry, you don't need to do anything.

When your Sort Code changes all of your incomes (including any Faster Payments made to you) will automatically be re-routed to your account, and your Direct Debits will also continue unaffected - you won't need to do anything.

We'll be in touch nearer the time to let you know when the new arrangements will start and with details of the new Sort Code.

More details on upcoming changes...

In the run up to our upgrade we are sending you regular updates on the forthcoming changes. You can find previous updates here.

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