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As the saying goes, dog is man's best friend. But whatever pet you have, one thing is clear: we're a nation of animal lovers.

And if there was ever any doubt, a recent survey of 1,000 pet-owning adults in the UK by Pets At Home found that 75% of pet owners will buy their pet a gift this Christmas. What's more, 66% of pet owners will spend the same amount - or more - on their pet as they will on their partner.

So, I've searched online for some of the best pet-friendly gifts around, which could be perfect for your pet's stocking on 25th December.

All deals are subject to each store's own terms and conditions - and could be changed or removed at the retailer's discretion (particularly where an expiry date is not stated). All the deals featured were accurate on 14/12/2012 and based on online prices - so prices in store could be different. You may be charged more for P&P.

The purrrrfect present

For cats who are too cool for a typical scratching post, has a Cat Scratching Deck for £13.89 - down from an RRP of £20. Or, while you're there, you could keep your moggy warm this Christmas with a Luxury Soft Cushion Pet Bed for the bargain price of £18.99 (originally £50).

Over at, you could treat your cat to a Whiskas Christmas Cat Stocking for just £4 - but hurry, as stock is limited! (Not available for delivery.) Alternatively, you could get a Cod Father Cat Gift Set and save 40% on the marked price, taking it down to just £3.60 (limited stock; not available for delivery).

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best. It might not be a ‘deal’ but why not take a trip down to your local market and pick up a ball of wool for your feline friend? Or, at, you can save 50% on some Stackable Play Boxes for just £22.49.

You'd be barking mad to miss these deals...

For a great stocking-filler, why not get your dog into the Christmas spirit with a 'Yappy Christmas' Bandana Collar for £1.18 from You could also pick up a Goodboy Luxury Dog Christmas Stocking for £5.24 - down from £6.99.

Visit and you could get your pooch a Vinyl Christmas Present Toy for just £1 (limited stock; not available for home delivery). If you don't want to leave your dog out of Christmas dinner, you could get 20% off a Christmas Pudding Dog Treat: just £2.

Now that it gets dark so early, a Nite Dawg Flashing Light Tag could be a great way to let traffic and pedestrians know exactly where your four-legged friend is. You could get one at for £6.99. For seriously pampered pooches, some Pawz Dog Boots could be the ideal gift: you can get 50% off a 12-pack, down from £15.99 to £7.99 (from

Grabbit while you can

For hamster owners, why not liven up their cage with a Two-Storey Hamster House from It's down from £8.46 to £5.55. While you're there, hamsters, gerbils and other small animals might love a Silent Spinner Superpet Cage Wheel, reduced from £15.99 to £9.72.

At, you could treat your rabbit or guinea pig to a Veg Play Patch for £9.99. Alternatively, there's a 2 for £5 deal on Woodlands Aromatic Crunchies (£2.99 per 120g bag).

Rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas might love to nibble and gnaw on a Bag o' Chews - and you can get 8 pieces for £1.99 at, saving you 15% on the original price (£2.33). From the same place, you could get a Glitter Exercise Ball to give your hamster a more glamorous way of getting some exercise - for just £4.99.

On the cheep

Why not keep your budgie entertained with a Bird Ferris Wheel for £4.25 from Alternatively, you could get your parrot an Octopus toy for £5.49.

You could also get a Banana Leaf Swing Ball for £5 at

Found any great presents for your pets?

If you've found the perfect gift for your pet this Christmas, we'd love to hear from you. Why not share your ideas with us and other thinkmoney customers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

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