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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s that time of year again when you can transform your little one into whatever ghoulish creature they like. After recent news stories, you may feel more cautious about buying a store-bought Halloween costume. If so, why not try making your own? You’d have complete control over the materials used and how much you spend and there are loads of great designs to choose from – here’s a few you could try.


Didn’t we all want to be a superhero when we were younger? Well, your little one can be with this super-easy superhero costume. This outfit would work well for a variety of ages and your little girl can get in on the action too!

All you’ll need is some loose fabric to make into a cape, a spare t-shirt (that you don’t mind being used) and some assorted paper. You’ll need to use your sewing skills to thread the string through the cape, alternatively you could use an old t-shirt if you’re short on time.


Ask any child under the age of 10 what a Minion is and they’ll instantly tell you – most adults will even know by now! The little yellow creatures have been a big hit this year thanks to their feature-length film, so why not transform your child into one for this Halloween?

The minion outfit couldn’t be easier to make. You just need a pair of dungarees preferably (if not, jeans are fine) a yellow top and a yellow hat. The hat is where you’ll need to do most of the work as you’ll need to create the appearance of the Minion’s eye. You can do this by sticking felt onto the hat or by using felt pens.


The vampire costume really is a classic outfit for Halloween – it’s simple, easy and most importantly inexpensive. All you need is a white school shirt, dark trousers, some hair gel (for boys), make-up and, if possible, time to make a cape. As we’ve seen, you can fashion these quite easily.

If you’re little one is willing to have some make-up on, remember to test this on them beforehand to make sure they won’t have a reaction. You can pick up a vampire make-up kit complete with fangs for as little as a £1!

Safety tips if you’re buying instead

You’ve probably not really thought about it before but Halloween costumes can be cheaply made, often with flammable synthetic materials. Nylon and polyester can contain a lot of plastic and while these won’t set on fire, they do melt and can stick to the skin. Little girls’ princess dresses costumes can often come with skirts made of netting, which can burn very quickly.

Sainsbury’s has now pledged to test its Halloween outfits to the same standard as nightwear, so it can’t be as flammable. Tesco and Asda have also promised to be stricter with testing and Marks and Spencer has said it will do the same in future.

Be careful about the materials that Halloween costumes are made from. Remember, synthetic materials could melt but natural materials like cotton wool will go up very quickly. Look out for the CE mark to ensure that the costume complies with the European Toy Safety Directive. It’s important to have fun at Halloween but you want to make sure you’re safe while you’re doing this. To be extra safe make sure if you do use any candles they are kept well away from your little ones.

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