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We choose bank accounts for all kinds of reasons - whether it's for a good interest rate, local branches or for the other useful features many accounts offer.

But research suggests that many people haven't considered how they could make more of their money. According to Clydesdale Bank, 20% of people in the UK keep all their money in a current account that earns little or no interest. And around 30% don't actually know what interest they are earning.

Around half of Brits put money into an ISA each month, which can help to ensure a reasonable return on their savings - but this still leaves another half who could potentially make their money stretch a lot further.

An expert at thinkmoney says a small amount of financial planning could make all the difference. "Some people simply don't know the best way to manage their money, or haven't given it a lot of thought. Of course, choosing the right bank account is a starting point, as this is where you'll receive your income and spend your money.

"Finding an account with a good interest rate is a priority for some, but others may find that an account with other useful services - such as travel insurance or help with budgeting - may be more beneficial, even if the account doesn't offer any interest at all.

"At the same time, it's a good idea to have some money put aside for financial emergencies. Finding a savings account that offers a good interest rate, while still allowing easy access to the money - such as an easy-access ISA - can be an ideal way of doing this.

"Finally, we urge people to remember to plan a budget. Adding up your essential expenses at the start of each month can help you to work out how much of your income is left over for spending on the things you enjoy. For people who struggle to do this on their own, there are bank accounts that can help."

The thinkmoney Current Account helps account holders to budget by putting money for bills and other essentials into a separate account at the start of each month - making sure they can't accidentally overspend. You can find out more about the thinkmoney Current Account here.

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