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According to new research by the technology company ACI Worldwide and research firm Aite Group, owning a smartphone can really change the way you interact with your bank.

The research identifies a group of people who are 'smartphonatics' - people who change their behaviour because of their smartphone. The study (of people in 14 countries) finds that smartphones are driving changes in technology in the banking sector because their 'fans' want to interact with their bank in different ways to other consumers.

The research suggests that 80% of these people use their phone for mobile banking, whereas only a third of other people use mobile banking.

And 70% of smartphonatics use their phone to make mobile payments, whereas less than a quarter of other people do.

According to the research, 25% of consumers could be defined as smartphonatics, although you're more likely to find them in China and India than in Europe and the US.

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