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The first year of driving can always be a bit nerve-wracking. You don’t have your driving instructor there to guide you anymore and you’ve probably not been on a motorway yet.

But it's important to remember what you've learnt in your lessons, as younger drivers can be at risk of getting into an accident in their first year of driving. To help cut the deaths of young drivers, a new app is offering rewards such as pizza and days out for safe driving – let's find out more.

The app

The free Shotgun app comes from insurer Direct Line but it’s not an insurance product. It uses GPS technology to track driving routes and monitor such things as braking and speed on a journey.

The app scores different elements of your driving before giving feedback. As a reward, the app allows you to earn points with brands such as Pizza Express and Starbucks based on your overall performance – so you might be able to treat yourself to a free pizza or coffee!

New drivers between the ages of 17 and 25 can download the app no matter who they insured their car with. The app lasts until the user clocks up 1,000 miles which typically takes around six months to do.

Around 402 teenage car drivers died or received serious injuries on UK roads in 2015, according to Direct Line. Its data shows that one in four teenage drivers will crash in their first year on the road.

Other incentives

This is not the only incentive you can get for doing relatively normal tasks. Cashback apps and websites can help you make a few extra pounds on your online shopping.  

You can use cashback apps like TopCashBack and Quidco if you're using your smartphone or tablet to pay. The apps work as the middle-man between yourself and a retailer so instead of buying something directly through a store's website, you buy it using the app.

The company makes commission on the sale of anything you buy and you earn a bit of this money back as a percentage of what you've spent. You can also make relatively large purchases through a cashback app, including buying a car and paying for your summer holiday.

The amount that you'll make will vary on the deals offered by each app. For example, with Quidco you can currently get up to £6 cashback if you place a new customer grocery order online with Tesco Groceries, and up to £13 cashback for a single fuel switch using

The cashback deals are not necessarily the cheapest though so still compare them with others on the high-street. There's also no point buying something that you don’t want just because it's got a good cashback return – you could use that money elsewhere.

The extra money you earn from cashback rewards could make a little more room in your budget

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