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Whether you’re taking the kids out trick-or-treating, or you’re spending the night at a party, it’s important to make sure you strut your stuff in an impressive looking costume this Halloween. But buying a fancy costume can cost you at least £30, and most of the tutorials for making outfits can look like they require serious DIY skills.

If you’re stuck for what to wear this Halloween don’t panic, because we’ve put together some fabulous costume ideas that are easy to make from household items and clothes you already have. Here are our top Halloween costumes to make on a budget:

1) Barbie in the box: probably more suited to the ladies, although some guys might want to dress up like the popular fashion doll! To get the Barbie look, decide what style you want to go for: traditional Barbie in pink clothes, Princess Barbie in a fancy gown, or something more Halloween-themed like Ghost Barbie.

Spray paint a box in hot pink and cut out holes for the front and the bottom for you to stand in as the packaging. If you’re good at crafts, you could make a Barbie logo to go on the front of the box, so it looks really authentic!

2) Silent film stars: dressing up like a ‘20s silver screen icon is easy and requires relatively few props. Pick some Roaring Twenties-style clothes in black and white – for men, black trousers and jacket with a white shirt; for women, a simple flapper-like dress (with beads or fringing) is fine.

Cover your face and any exposed skin with white face paint, and add definition with black face paint. Print out a black and white 20s movie title card, to let people know what your character is saying.

3)Mary Poppins: the best thing about this costume is that you’re likely to have most of the clothes for it and if you don’t, they can be cheaply picked up if you rummage around the charity shops. Team a long-sleeved white blouse with a three-quarter length black skirt and black blazer. Add a red bow tie or make one out of ribbon, and top off with a black boater hat, with some little red and white flowers glued to it.

4) Where’s Wally: dressing up as the distinctive cartoon character is such an easy costume, and it’s even better if you can get a group of you in the same outfit. Find a red and white striped top (you can even draw the stripes on in red permanent marker if it comes to it and you don’t mind your top being stripy) and pair of classic blue jeans. Get a red and white hat with a pompom, pick up a pair of novelty glasses from a costume store, and a wooden cane or walking stick to complete the look.

5) Spooky mummy: the mummy is the ultimate lazy costume as you can make it just by wrapping a few rolls of toilet paper round yourself. However, with the unreliable British weather, it’s best to go for something slightly more durable if you don’t want your outfit to have the potential to dissolve. Get a roll of bandage gauze or tear up an old white sheet, and dye them in a large bowl with a few tea bags to make them look dirty and give the impression you’ve just crawled out of a crypt. Wrap the fabric round yourself, and safety pin to your clothing to make sure it stays in place. If you want, you can also cover your face in white face paint to give yourself an extra spooky look!

6) Zombie bride: a corpse bride is a really fitting outfit for Halloween, and it’s not difficult to make either. Get a long white, black, or grey dress from a charity shop or use one of your own. Add grey or white make-up to your face so you look more like a zombie, and backcomb your hair to make it look like you’ve come out of a grave. Make a bouquet out of dead flowers, and tie together with a black ribbon.

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