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Many of the UK's major banks have undergone a test to show how they'd cope in a 'cyber attack' - which could prevent customers from accessing their cash and disrupt public transport - during London's 2012 Olympic Games.

PC Advisor reports that some 87 banks and financial companies - including Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC - underwent the exercise yesterday. The test was designed to demonstrate how fast the financial sector could return to 'business as usual' after huge disruption.

The mock 'cyber attack' involved a whole host of systems temporarily failing, including ATMs, telecoms, the internet and retail and wholesale payment systems. The banks were tested on how they notified customers of problems accessing their cash and bank accounts.

Additionally, the firms taking part were examined on how they responded to the systems crashing if their staff couldn't be contacted, and if employees couldn't get to the office to deal with the cyber attack.

The 2012 Olympic Games are scheduled to take place in London, from 27th July to 12th August 2012.

A spokesperson for thinkmoney commented: "'Cyber attacks' and other types of online crime aren't just a big concern for banks and major organisations. Banking customers should also take measures to protect themselves when managing their money using their phone or online, just as they would on the High Street.

"Anyone looking for more information on how to use mobile & online banking safely can find tips and advice in thinkmoney's guide to mobile & online banking."

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