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According to the national charity Citizens Advice and the consumer champion Consumer Focus, basic bank accounts should be available to everyone. This comes after the Co-operative Banking Group announced that it will no longer be providing a basic bank account to undischarged bankrupts.

The director of financial services at Consumer Focus, Sarah Brooks, said: "This is worrying news for people with undischarged bankruptcy who need access to an account to manage day to day life. Not having a bank account can make it hard to participate in modern Britain and can create financial problems for the households who can least afford it."

She added: "Everyone needs the option of having an account which, as a minimum, lets them access their money safely and conveniently, make payments and receive their salaries and any benefits."

Gillian Guy, the chief executive at Citizens Advice commented: "All banks should have a responsibility to spread the risk and cater for clients who don't represent immediate profit."

She went on to say that: "Citizens Advice wants the Government and all banks to work together to find a sustainable solution that ensures everyone has access to this essential service."

Basic bank accounts, however, aren't the only option for those going through bankruptcy. A spokesperson from thinkmoney said yesterday that: "The thinkmoney Managed Current Account is an alternative to a basic bank account/bankruptcy bank account - and anyone, including undischarged bankrupts, can apply for an account with us. They just need to prove that they're 18 or over and a UK resident."

The thinkmoney Managed Current Account also comes with a built-in money managing service, which could help you to budget. This can be very useful during financially difficult times - such as going through bankruptcy.

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