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If you made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape this year but haven’t quite got round to it yet, our selection of affordable sportswear may just be the thing to give you a bit of a kick start! There’s no reason why you can’t look stylish when hitting the gym or going for a jog, and it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot of money to kit yourself out either. So for inspiration on what to wear when working out, take a look at our selection of affordable sportswear.


Although gym wear should be practical, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating a little colour into your look, and this season, sportswear is all about bright prints and neon colours:

This 2 pack vest set from Tesco offers great value compared to expensive branded sports vests that do the same job. They’re sure to brighten up your work-out with their coral tones and printed designs, and at only £10 for two they are quite the bargain!

Plain leggings are a staple for any gym-goer and this grey pair from Primark will look great when matched up with bright tops and hoodies. For such a versatile piece of clothing, these leggings are great value at just £7.

If exercising outdoors is more your thing, then this neon green jacket from Primark will help keep you warm during the colder months. At only £12, it is a great find.

When it comes to sportswear this season, the motto is very much the brighter the better and this pair of trainers from George at ASDA are certainly embracing this trend! In neon pink and green, these trainers are sure to add a pop of colour to gym kit and can be worn both outdoors and in the gym.

An essential piece of kit for any woman is a sports bra and this 2 pack set from George at Asda is great value at just £7.

To complete your work-out kit, pick up this 5 pack of sports trainers from F&F at Tesco for only £2!


Sportswear for the guys this season is all about subtle uses of colour and practical, easy-to-wear pieces:

By including both a blue and black tee, this 2 pack of t-shirts from F&F at Tesco gives you the best of both worlds. The shirts are made from a mesh material and are a basic necessity for anyone looking to start working out– not bad for just £10!

For all you guys out there, a comfortable pair of shorts are a necessity when it comes to working out and this pair from George at ASDA are great value at only £8.

If you would rather go for a run or ride your bike than go to the gym, then these leggings from Primark are sure to be right up your street! Wearing leggings under your shorts is a great way to protect your legs against the winter chill and this pair are a great find at only £7.

When heading off on a run or a hike, this athletic work-out top from George at ASDA is a great extra layer to take with you. This top is designed to help keep you cool and dry when exercising and could even be worn when you’re not working out.

Trainers are the most important piece in any sports fan’s wardrobe and although the shoes that you wear should be suitable for the type of exercise that you do, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be expensive. This black pair of trainers from F&F at Tesco are only £12 and are getting rave reviews online – so go check them out!

Last but not least, round off your gym kit with this 5 pack of sports socks from Sports Direct, the pack are currently on sale for £1.75 so if you want them you better be quick! Now that you’ve seen our selection of affordable sportswear pieces, why not read up on how you can get in shape for free, here.

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