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If you’re a thinkmoney customer, you’ll probably have noticed some changes when you last logged onto your account online. That’s because we’ve redesigned Online Account Management and made a few changes to how it works, to make it easier for you to use. And today we completed the roll-out so all customers can now access the new service.

We’ve redesigned Online Account Management to make it easier to find the features that you use most, but you’ll still be able to do all of the same things you always could, like checking your balances and transactions, setting up and amending regular payments and making Faster Payments; and now you’ll be able to do everything on your mobile and tablet as well as your PC. If you’re having a few problems getting used to the new Online Account Management, we’ll take you through what’s changed.

What’s changed?

We haven’t changed what you can do with the Online Account Management – you’ll still be able to see what’s coming up on your Salaries account and transactions on your card, set up any new payments and report your card lost or stolen. The main difference is the way the Online Account Management looks. We’ve made it a lot neater and tidier – meaning you should be able to find what you’re looking for quicker.

You’ll also notice that we’ve put a Quick Links section on the side of the main page when you’re logged in. This is where you’ll be able to access some of the most commonly used features of the Online Account Management, including ‘Make a payment’, ‘Regular incomes’ and ‘Future budgeting’. There’s also a new easy-to-use menu at the top of the page, where you’ll find everything else you need for your account.

Improved for mobile

The other main change is the way the Online Account Management now works on mobile devices. Whether you’re logging on through an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy phone or any other smartphone, or a tablet computer like an iPad, you’ll still be able to access all of the same features you usually can – checking and making any changes to your budgeting. No matter what device you’re using the Online Account Management from, the site will resize based on your screen and work in the same way.

Security and logging in

Keeping your money safe and secure is our number one priority. We’ve made a few changes behind the scenes to do just that. One thing that you will notice, however, is that when you login to Online Account Management, you’ll now be asked for your email address as well as your other login details. We’ll also ask you for your ‘online password’ – don’t worry, this is your ‘memorable word’ – we’ve just given it a different name.

You can find more details on the changes here. If you have any problems logging into Online Account Management, if you can’t find where a feature’s moved to or your account’s been blocked, give us a call – one of our Money Managers will be happy to help.

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