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A study of 1,000 people by mobile security company Entersekt has revealed that 41% of those surveyed are concerned that making financial transactions online - such as internet banking and shopping - could put their bank accounts at risk.

The survey, carried out by Onepoll, was carried out to examine 'attitudes towards online shopping and banking'. 53% of people said they'd either been directly affected by card fraud or knew someone who had in the past, perhaps showing that their reservations about making transactions on the internet aren't entirely unfounded.

Although on the High Street only 13% of people said they've let their credit cards out of their sight when paying in a shop or restaurant in the last six months, it appears that people show slightly less consideration for their security online. Just 69% of people questioned said they make sure they know how secure a web transaction will be before making it.

Looking at the gender divide, there was a clear difference in male and female attitudes towards the risks associated with internet banking and shopping. 51% of women said they were worried about making transactions online, compared with 41% of men. However, both sexes agreed that they would switch their bank account because of concerns about security (70%).

Schalk Nolte from Entersekt commented: "In today's world, consumers are not only aware that fraud exists, but many have either experienced it personally, or know someone that has and this is verified by our survey. However, what I think is interesting and actually quite comforting, is that people are happy to be inconvenienced if it means they're better protected."

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