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These days, festivals aren’t cheap. From buying the ticket itself to tents, sleeping bags and toiletries; the costs can quickly mount up to quite a hefty sum.

Although Glastonbury has been and gone, the British festival season still has plenty in store before summer’s out. So, whether you’re heading to T in the Park next weekend, V or Reading/Leeds in August, Bestival in September or maybe even somewhere else; why not take advantage of these deals on festival essentials?

We’ve had a shop around to try and find the cheapest of the cheap, and get everything for under £50 (except for the ticket, of course).

The prices we’ve quoted here were correct on 03.07.14, but prices or offers could’ve changed since then. Prices may or may not include VAT, postage and packaging.

Camping comfortably

Rather than sleeping on the ground under a blanket of mud, most festival-goers opt for a tent and sleeping bag combination to protect them from the elements. Tents can end up being quite expensive, but luckily Amazon has slashed the price of this two-man tent and it’s down to just £11.67. It might not be the most glamorous tent in the world but it should keep the rain off and the cold out.

Although sleep can often be a rarity at festivals, when it’s finally time to rest our heads we’ll want to make sure we’re not shivering away all night. This sleeping bag from Decathlon should be enough to grace us with those precious hours of beauty sleep we’ll probably all desperately need after the potential of 3 days without showering. Plus, it’s in a fetching hot pink and only £6.49, down from £7.99.

Camping furniture may not be regarded as a festival essential by some, but we definitely couldn’t do without a chair or stool. After a long day on your feet watching some band you can’t really remember the name of, this £2.99 camping stool from Sports Direct will be a treat to look forward to (it’s the simple things).

To keep everything in, this Gelert holdall from the festival experts at is just £14.99, and can be carried both on your back and by hand easily. It’s the most expensive thing on this list, but it’s got a lot of room and will make things easier to carry.

The unpredictable British summer

Whether we’re expecting a heat wave or a complete washout, it’s usually the case that the British summer completely disagrees with us and does the opposite – so it’s good to turn up to a festival prepared for both extremes.

It goes without saying that wellies are essential for keeping your feet nice and dry, and are always popular amongst festival-goers. For women, we found these low-cut wellies at Deichmann Shoes with 50% off, down to just £6.49. The pretty bow may not be to everyone’s taste but a bargain is a bargain! The cheapest wellies we could find for men were these orange Dunlop boots, for £7.50.

If the heavens decide to open, keeping just your feet dry won’t make much of a difference when you’re drenched everywhere else. For that reason, investing in a poncho is a wise decision, and this one’s just 79p from

Miracles do happen and sometimes the sun can come out in full force and catch you off guard. Carrying a whole bottle of sun cream around the festival is a bit impractical, so this pack of 12 sachets of SPF 28 sun cream will really come in handy, and it’s only £1.99.

Staying clean in a world of grime

Festivals are notorious for being mucky, especially if it rains. It’s hard to keep clean and look your best at the same time when you’re swimming through mud, but there are a few products out there that really can help make you look ever-so-slightly presentable.

Baby wipes and dry shampoo are usually your best friends after a day or two at a festival, and if you’re not intending to shower all weekend, it’s probably best that you part with a little cash for these – unless you want your friends to stage a hygiene intervention. Morrison’s are currently selling packs of 72 baby wipes for 46p and Superdrug currently have this Batiste dry shampoo on offer for £1.49 – down from £2.99.

Being in a tent can get quite stuffy and you might end up sweating a little bit, but both Asda and Tesco sell anti-perspirant deodorant for just 41p – so if you do hear somebody mutter to their friend that ‘someone really smells’, you could rest assured that unfortunate person isn’t you.

For certain individuals, personal hygiene can tend to slip a little at a festival, but it’s good to keep on top of it by using antibacterial hand-wash. This antibacterial hand gel is only 99p from Superdrug, and should be ideal to keep those pesky germs at bay - especially after using the toilets.

All the essentials for under £50

So after everything is added up, we spent: £49.77 (if you’re male, that is).

But, the wellies we looked at for women were £1.01 cheaper, so for girls we spent: £48.76.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to T in the Park next weekend - or one of the many other great British festivals on offer - have a good look around before buying the first tent or sleeping bag you see – it often pays to shop around first!

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