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Last week, we took you through the very best gym wear that the high street has to offer for women, to help you get started with your new fitness regime for 2016. This week, you’ve guessed it – it’s the guys’ turn! For women, we managed to put together a basic, yet complete gym wardrobe for £54, so let’s see how we did for the guys.*



When you want to get back in shape during the winter months, the one thing you’re going to need is a jacket to help keep you warm. This athletic top from George at Asda is ideal as it’s affordably priced at £12 and is versatile enough for all types of exercise.


Depending on what type of exercise you’re doing, you’re going to have to make sure your top is suitable. For example, if you’ve signed up to a gym and are going to be working out mostly indoors, then a short-sleeve shirt like this from Primark should be fine. Alternatively, if you’d rather exercise outdoors then something like this grey workout top (again from Primark) will be more substantial. Both tops are affordably priced at under £9!


If you’re looking to get back into running, then it would be worth investing in a good set of running leggings. This black pair from Primark are great value at £8 and can be worn either by themselves or under a pair of shorts (if you don’t fancy showing off your legs!).


A durable pair of shorts are going to be a must in your gym wardrobe as you can wear them for pretty much anything: running, playing footie or tennis and even doing a bit of yoga. This pair of black shorts from Primark are simple in their design and won’t break the bank either at just £4.


If you’re looking for something casual that you can wear on long walks or hikes, then this pair of joggers from George at Asda could be just what you’re looking for – and when you’re off-duty they’ll be ideal for lounging around the house. Not bad for just £10!


Branded sports trainers can be expensive, particularly if you’re just getting back into exercising again. But don’t worry, there are a number of low cost alternatives for you to try, including this black and white pair from F&F at Tesco. This pair comes with a minimal design, a sturdy sole and a bargain price of £12 – what more could you ask for?

We hope this guide has given you the final push that you need to start 2016 on a healthier note. Our guide managed to prove that you can put together a complete gym wardrobe without spending over budget – our final total came in at just £55!

*Prices correct at time of writing – 19/01/16

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