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Over recent years, adverse weather conditions including strong winds, heavy snowfall and flooding have hit the UK, leaving some homes damaged and without power. Though we can’t predict whether a tree might fall onto our homes or if the roof will get damaged in a storm, there are ways to protect your property during the winter months and adverse weather conditions. 

Prepare your home for winter

Preparation and prevention measures for during cold weather could include:

•  leaving the heating on at least a low level (around 15°C) if you leave the home unattended for a while,

•  checking that pipes and tanks are properly lagged,

•  repairing any dripping/leaking taps,

•  maximising loft and wall insulation, and

•  having your boiler regularly serviced and checked.

And if you’re prepping for adverse weather such as storms or heavy snow, you might want to:

•  check for loose roof tiles (and repair them if necessary),

•  ensure your drains gutters are clear of blockages – if trapped rainwater freezes in blocked drainpipes, it could end up cracking or shattering them,

•  secure windows and doors if a storm is expected, and

•  in the event of snowfall, clear any excess snow or ice from drains, guttering and the roof (only if possible and safe to do so).

Get cover and protect your home from unpredictable weather

You can safeguard your home with all the precautions we’ve already taken you through but to have true peace of mind, you might want to consider buildings and contents insurance. With thinkmoney insurance, you would be covered for standard weather related perils. Depending on your policy, these can include:

•  damage to the building and/or its contents caused by flood, lightning, storms and falling trees,

•  the costs of tracing and accessing the source of any damage resulting from the escape of water (could be a burst pipe as a result of frost damage),

•  damage to outdoor flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, and

•  if the property is flooded and uninhabitable, all our policies will provide alternative accommodation until your home is inhabitable again.

It’s important to always check your policy and know if there are special conditions attached to the policy or any exclusions. For example, if your home is in poor condition already and hasn’t been maintained the insurer may refuse to pay out.

Home emergency cover

To give you extra peace of mind, your insurer may also offer extra add-on products such as ‘Home Emergency’, to protect you in case your boiler breaks down, pipes burst, or the roof gets damaged roof. At thinkmoney, we offer emergency assistance – a 24/7, 365 days a year service to cover for emergencies that can occur in the home, to protect you even when there’s damage caused by unruly weather systems.

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