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Have you noticed your food bill dropping? Are you now able to get more of the foods you really want to eat rather than choosing only those you can afford in your trolley? If you can believe what you read in the papers, you should be. According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, your shopping bill should have dropped by £20 on a typical basket of groceries in the last three months. And, when compared to last year, your bill should have dropped by 2.1% thanks to fierce competition and commodity prices.

So, what are you going to do with that extra lolly? Are you going to put it away for a rainy day, or maybe you’ll use the extra cash to buy some extra fruit and veg and give you and your family a flavour, and vitamin, boost? Or perhaps you’re going to splash out on a special meal with the best quality steak and crispy, fresh homemade chips for the whole family?

Well, apparently not! More junk seems the order of the day with a report in the Guardian detailing that falling prices of processed foods are fuelling obesity! And a recent World Health Organisation report stated that by 2030 almost three-quarters of men and two-thirds of women in the UK would be obese. Phew! That’s a lot of people.

We don’t want you to buy more junk though! So, instead of using the £20 you’ve saved on buying more unhealthy food, why not treat yourself to one of these wonderful things instead? They’ll help you keep the family, and the bank balance, healthy:

Keep the treats healthy

This milkshake and slushy maker is ideal for keeping the kids happy in the warm summer months (say it with me – we will have sun, we will have sun, we will have sun!) You can replace those expensive, sugar and chemical laden slushies with your own versions, using real fruit juice and honey to sweeten.

Get popping

Ditch the caramel-covered, calorie-laden, cinema-style popcorn you can buy in the supermarkets and at the cinema and opt instead to make your own. The kids might not like that you don’t get to visit the fancy popcorn counter before the latest must-see film, but their teeth and your pocket will! Plus, when you make your own, you can add in whatever flavour you like. This nifty little air popping gadget is only £16.99, so you can buy a bag of popping corn too with your £20!

Cook really slowly

Ahhh… there’s nothing better than getting home and tea’s already cooked. Well, you can have that every day if you invest in a slow-cooker. This slow-cooker will be plenty for a family and the there’s an endless number of things you can cook in one. You can feed the kids from breakfast, with a bowl of warm and filling slow cooked porridge that’s not packed with sugar like the readymade stuff, right through to dinner time with these delicious looking baked beans and spicy wedges – yum and it costs less than twenty quid!

So, that extra £20 that was probably going to be spent on unhealthy foods, could now be spent on something that recreates unhealthy foods in a healthy way and saves you money week on week as well as – winners all round!

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