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A new arrival in your family can be very exciting - and extremely expensive!

It doesn't help that babies seem to grow out of things almost as soon as you've bought them. That's why it can really help to buy some of the more expensive things second-hand.

Read on to see whether you fancy any of these deals, which were all correct on 30.01.13. We've looked all over the web - including second-hand sites - to find these deals. When it comes to buying second-hand, you might not be able to find the exact deal we did - but we've tried to give you links that could help you find something similar. Bear in mind that you'll probably have to go and collect any second-hand items yourself - so try to find deals in your area.

Firstly, some advice...

We'd advise you against buying anything for your baby until you've had a baby shower or similar. It may sound cheeky - but you never know what your friends and relatives will be kind enough to give you.

This is especially true with toys. Many parents get buried in an avalanche of coloured plastic, books, singing toys and fluffy animals without buying any of it themselves.

That being said, let's look at some of the deals you could find online yourself.


This cot from IKEA is made from beech - and the base can be placed at two different heights depending on your needs. It's £35 - add an extra £14 if you want the mattress to go with it.

If you don't mind buying second-hand, pop over to a site like Gumtree. We found a bundle including a cot, mattress, sheets and bedding and a baby changer set - all for £35. Click here to see if it's still available (collection from London).

If you weren't lucky enough to snap up that deal, we're sure you'll find another one. Click here to search for your own second-hand cot deal on Gumtree.

Baby bathtub

A baby bathtub can keep your child more comfortable and safe while they're splashing around in the bath (with your supervision, of course).

On, this white baby bath is £9.95.

For a couple of quid cheaper, this one on eBay is £7.99 - and there were more than 10 available when we checked.

Changing table/mat

Whether you want to buy the whole table, or just a pad that you can place on whatever surface you like, we've got you covered.

This changing pad is £24.78 from It has raised sides and a strap to make it harder for your baby to fall off - which looks useful to us.

Over on, we found a changing table with two shelves for £10 in Crawley.

This item may have already been snapped up. Click here to see whether there are more baby deals available on


For when you're out and about, this buggy from ASDA is £30 and it's suitable from birth.

Over on, we found a dark green Mamas & Papas pram for £25 - for collection from Cambridgeshire. Click here to browse more baby items that have been 'pre-loved'.


Nobody would recommend leaving your baby unsupervised - but sometimes it's nice to have a more secure, confined place for them to play.

This playpen from Tesco doubles as a travel cot - and it's £32.44.

Alternatively, on we found a similar Mothercare folding playpen/cot for £15, to collect from Cambridge. If this item is no longer available, click here to find some more eBay baby deals.

High chair

For 'din-dins', this Mamas & Papas jungle-themed high chair from Tesco is £29.95.

We found a used Chicco high chair from preloved for £10 (collection from Wolverhampton). We're sure you'll find similar preloved baby stuff in your area if you click here.

Car seat

Keeping your little one safe and comfortable in the car can make your journeys a little bit easier. We managed to find a new car seat for £19.95 on eBay. When we looked, there were still more than 10 available, so click here to see whether there are any left. If not, we're sure you'll find a similar deal.

Baby monitor

For hearing what your baby gets up to at night, this Motorola digital baby monitor is £19.95 from Tesco.

On, we found a baby monitor with chargers for free in Whitefield. Yes, free! See what other baby stuff you could find for free on Freecycle.


As babies grow so quickly, many would tell you that it's 'not worth' buying expensive clothes. If nobody is on-hand to give you any hand-me-downs, visit We only had a quick look, but we found six items of baby girls' clothing (including items from Next and Monsoon) for £10.

Your baby deals

All the way through this article, we've been encouraging you to visit these second-hand sites and find a baby deal of your own.

If you do find something perfect for a perfect price (or even free!) we want to know about it - especially if you used a different method to those suggested in this article (for example a car-boot sale).

Tell us about the best baby bargain you've found on our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.


We recommend that you look over Netmums' guide to buying second-hand first - and always exercise caution when going to meet somebody to collect an item.

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