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Valentine’s Day – it’s either likely to inspire romantic thoughts of hearts and red roses or make you roll your eyes, depending on your personal view. For singletons, it’s probably something you’ll be looking to avoid but if you’re in a relationship, it can mean a chance to take some time for the two of you as a couple.

If your finances are looking tight, it can be difficult to imagine how you’re going to plan a memorable day without going over budget. Don’t worry – we’ll take you through how you have a romantic day without breaking the bank.

Chocolate and flowers

At this time of year, it can seem like all of the shops on the high-street are full of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts – teddy bears clutching hearts and expensive boxes of chocolates. You don’t have to stick to these though as not only are they costly, they’re not particularly inventive either.

DIY gifts are a good way to save money and they can show you’ve really made an effort too. One inventive idea is to make vouchers for your partner with promises that you’re willing to commit to. These can range from ‘I promise to do the washing up for a week’ to ‘I promise to let you have control of the remote’.

A meal out

Restaurants can often put their prices up just because it’s Valentine’s Day so if you’re not precious about celebrating on the actual day, consider rescheduling it for a different night instead. If you want to stick to 14 February, why not look at going out for a lunch date – it’s often a lot cheaper than going out for an evening meal.

It might not be terribly romantic to turn up to your Valentine’s date with half-price or discount vouchers but if you’ve been together a while, your date is unlikely to mind – especially if the two of you share finances. Have a Google and see if there are any vouchers you can print for the restaurant you’re looking at going to but keep in mind that these often aren’t available on weekends.

For somewhere a little off the beaten track, you could look for restaurant ideas on and search for places “£25 and under” so you don’t end up with somewhere too pricey.

Other tips

Looking to go on a slightly more unusual date this Valentine’s Day? Check out our blog for quirky date ideas under £13 or if you’re looking to stay a bit more traditional, we’ve also got a blog on cheap date ideas.

If you’re planning to treat yourself to a new outfit for your date night, take a look at our blog for some Valentine’s Day fashion tips.

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