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So, you’re thinking of having a clear out? What about making some extra money at the same time as making some extra space? A car boot sale might be just the thing you’re looking for!

At this time of year, lots of people are spring cleaning, clearing out their wardrobes, garages, cupboards… you name it! As a result, car boot sales will no doubt be getting busier – not to mention the weather’s getting warmer so people don’t mind walking about in a field for a couple of hours hunting for hidden treasure! So, take advantage and make some money from your junk!

For a stress-free and successful car boot experience, follow these steps:

1. Get sorting. Brave those overloaded cupboards and dusty garages and see what you’ve got stored away in the nooks and crannies of your home. Be realistic though. If it really is timeworn or damaged, is someone going to buy it? Get all the items together that you think you could sell and keep them somewhere safe and dry until the sale.

2. Be prepared. To make a success of your car boot experience you’re going to need to make sure that you go prepared. Stock up on cardboard boxes for your goods, bubble wrap, sticky labels for prices and carrier bags for your customers and, of course, a table to display your goods. Remember to bring some petty cash with you too to give people change.

3. Get there in good time. You might need to book your spot, so ring the organiser to double check. Once you’ve arranged to set up a stall, make sure you get there early enough to secure a good spot.

4. Get the Price Right. Make sure that you’re realistic about how you price your items. Just because it has sentimental value to you doesn’t mean that old vase should really be £50! Remember that you’re selling to people looking for a bargain and you don’t want to go home with most of the items that you brought with you. You’re not going to make a fortune at a car boot sale - it can be quite hit and miss - but it’s always better to try and make some money from old stuff rather than just throw it away. After all, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

5. Make a Day of It. If you’re brave enough to take young kids with you then make a day of it and get them involved. Kids might love the opportunity to “play shop” and they are far less likely to grumble if they feel involved. Get them to help you with the pricing and giving change out and you can use the day as an educational trip as well.

If shopping for less is more your thing, check out our guide to shopping at a car boot sale here.

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