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With the kids about to finish school for their six-week holidays, you’re probably looking at ways of squeezing more from your money over the long summer break. We’ve put together a few quick tips for you to save a few quid in your home and on your shopping, as well as a couple of free days out in July. Make summer a steal with our tips for saving money this month.

In the home

Turn it down – no, we’ve not turned into your mum telling you your music’s too loud, we mean your hot water! Your water temperature and thermostat are probably still set at winter temperatures. Now we’re (finally!) getting some warmer weather, they could stand to be turned down a few degrees, and you probably won’t even notice the difference (except when the gas or electricity bill comes).

Let in light – make sure you open all of your curtains before you leave for work in the morning. This will keep the rooms warm throughout the day and it also means you won’t have to reach for the light switch until at least 9pm.

Be tight with water – if you’ve got a water meter (which you will have if you have a hose) and a lawn, don’t be tempted to soak it with water every single day. You only need to water your lawn two or three times a week, so if it rained a couple of days ago, you can leave it for another day even when the sun’s glaring down.

In the shops

Barbeques – with the start of the summer, supermarkets will be selling disposable barbeques, burgers and hot dogs on offer so now’s a great time to stock up. The sunny weather’s still not made its way to you? No problem! Fill up your freezer when they’re on sale, and you’ll be ready when the sun does (here’s hoping!) make an appearance.

Winter clothes – buying out of season is a great way to save money. Retailers, both in the high street and online, that have spring or winter stock unsold and will be holding summer sales to try to shift it. So now is a great time to lay in some bargains for next winter.

Last minute getaways – are you a risk taker? If so, you could book a last minute holiday for hundreds of pounds less! Airlines and package holiday firms typically put their flights and holidays on sale a few days before they’re due to depart if they’re not full up, so if you’re flexible about when and where you’ll go, you could get a great deal.

Out and about

Beach Volleyball Championships, London – get your kids down to Canary Wharf to watch a lesser-known sport this July. If you want to join in and play volleyball at the event it’s not dead cheap but it’s free to watch all of the championship games, just turn up! 6th-25th July,

Tangle, London – nothing to do with the Disney film Tangled, this performance meets playground event is suitable for families and kids of all ages. Weave the multi-coloured streamers and have fun getting tied up and, even better, it’s free to attend. 3rd-5th July,

CBeebies Swashbuckling Adventure, Manchester – part of the Manchester International Festival, this show for kids aged four to seven is a great interactive experience for little ones! You’ve got to apply for free tickets and it’s a random ballot but if you live in the Manchester area, you’re in with a good chance. 11th, 18th July,

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