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Do you use the internet to manage your bank account? If so, you have plenty of company: a new international survey shows that online banking - and generally keeping track of finances - is 'the most popular use of the internet'.

As The Economic Times reports, the Reuters poll* looked at what people in 24 countries used the internet for. The top three tasks carried out online in the last 90 days were:

  • Banking and keeping track of finances (almost 60% of respondents)
  • Shopping (48%)
  • Looking for a job (41%)

Different countries have very different habits, the results demonstrate. Almost 90% of Swedish adults used online banking, while around 75% of people in Belgium, France, Poland, South Africa, Canada and Australia used the internet to manage their bank accounts.

Age also makes a real difference, as do money and education: the poll indicates that people aged 50-64 with higher incomes and education made up the group most likely to use internet banking.

Quite simply, online banking has a lot of appeal: "It is easy," said Keren Gottfried, research manager for Ipsos Global Public Affairs. "You can do it any time of the day and most of the transactions don't have fees."

A spokesperson for thinkmoney commented on the findings: "Managing your money well is one of the most important tasks in life - and everyone appreciates the massive role the internet plays in the modern world. So it's no surprise to see so many people combining the two.

"If you've never used online banking, it's well worth trying it out to see what it has to offer. It's good to know you can go online and manage your money whenever you like, whatever time of the day - or day of the week - suits you."

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* Carried out by Ipsos, the poll surveyed 19,216 adults in 24 countries around the world.

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