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People using Google to search for a bank account will find there's a new tool that could help them - a price comparison tool.

The new tool is designed to help people compare the different deals on offer when they're looking for a banking-related product. For the moment, that means credit cards as well as bank accounts (both current accounts and savings accounts).

The first results in the 'sponsored' box will just be firms that have chosen to partner with Google, but you can use the 'advanced' search to compare the whole market, including firms that haven't partnered with the search engine for this.

"The enhanced service is now easier to use for consumers and will provide higher quality traffic for advertisers," said John Paleomylites, product management director at Google.

"We will introduce this improved design layout for searches around credit cards, current and savings accounts in the UK," he added.

"Finding the right bank account is an important matter," a spokesperson for thinkbanking commented, "and tools like this can help people find out what's out there.

"Different bank accounts can work in very different ways, so when you're deciding between a few, it's well worth taking the time to check out their websites and find out exactly what each one will offer and what it'll cost you, so you can figure out if it's the right account for you.

"If you're frequently in your overdraft, for example, the cost of that overdraft will probably be more important to you than the interest an account pays if you're in credit. And if you'd like some professional help with budgeting and making sure your bills are paid on time, the thinkmoney Current Account could give you just that."

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