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Is it worth insuring your tablet?

Published 13 November 2016 by

Gadgets – how many of us would be able to get through a day without them? When was the last time you left home and had to rush back because you forgot your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Love your gadgets?

It’s almost impossible to imagine how we’d cope without our various tech devices today. Whether you’re making or receiving emails for work, scouring that latest buy on eBay or checking the kids are on their way home from school, you’re bound to get unstuck without them.

The very thought of dropping your tablet, having it nicked or losing it might not even cross your mind. And of course, these things are all out of your control – you can’t stop it from happening. But you can protect your tablet, in case of emergency.

Don’t miss out

You could already have cover for your tablet through your bank or with a network supplier, but this policy may be up for renewal – so make sure you’re not caught without it. If your policy expires and you don’t realise, you wouldn’t be able to make a claim if anything goes wrong with your tablet.

However, a lot of people fork out heaps to buy their gadgets outright but they might not think about getting a separate policy for their gadgets. If you’ve spent a lot of money on your tablet, you probably wouldn’t want to think about having to shell out the same amount to replace it. You can avoid this dilemma though by considering gadget cover.

Your tablet might be protected by your home insurance and if this is the case, you might not think you need a separate gadget insurance policy. But if you claim on your home insurance, this could push up the cost of your premiums and might mean you miss out on your no claims discount.

It’s simple to get cover

With thinkmoney gadget insurance, you can protect every device you could think of – whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, a handheld games console or a whole host of others. A great feature of our standard policy is protection from accidental loss, so if you forget it on the bus, you could claim for this.

Other features include cover for a cracked screen, water damage and mechanical breakdown. If your tablet just stopped working, it wouldn’t be covered, as this falls under wear and tear. And if you insure more than one product with us, you’ll get a discount on each additional gadget.

We’ve made it really easy for you to get gadget cover. You can hop online and get a policy in minutes – it’s quick and easy to apply. Once you are set up, you’ll have an account to view your policy details. And if you need to register a claim, you can do this online. It’s simple to pay too – you’ll just set up a monthly Direct Debit.

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