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Remember our jam jars food blogger competition? We challenged 15 food bloggers to come up with an exciting and tasty creation to store or serve in a jam jar – the more inventive, the better.

We had some great ideas, from delicious desserts to smart and healthy salads, and the time has now come to reveal who we’ve picked as our winner!

The winner

Cheesecake In Jam Jar

Jess from What Jessica Baked Next created this beautiful strawberry lemon cheesecake in a jar. We were just bowled away by how pretty and stylish it was, as well as how yummy it looked! It isn’t too tricky to make either so even if you’re not a Bake Off aficionado, you can probably manage this one.

With light and tasty layers of crumbly biscuits, creamy cheesecake and juicy strawberries, Jess has made a dessert that’s great for sharing with a friend – just grab a sundae spoon each.

Congratulations Jess, you’ve won that fabulous cookware prize package from Le Creuset, so you’ll be able to bake up even more delicious treats!

A couple of our other favourite entries

Chocolate Popcorn Jar

Not in the mood for a full dessert? No problem! Katie Jane from Katie Jane Online made this sweet treat you can easily whip up in no time – chocolate popcorn and mini marshmallows. If you want a snack for yourself, you can scoff the lot or tie a pretty bow round it and give it to someone as a gift – if you can bear to part with it!

Tomato Salad

If you’re looking for something healthy after all of those desserts, this tasty layered salad jar will hit the spot. Kate from the Gluten Free Alchemist showed us how to put together this delicious-looking lunch for when you’re trying to be good. The clever way she’s organised the layers means that the leaves won’t get soggy from the dressing – you mix it just before you eat. And it’s completely open to interpretation as you can put whatever ingredients you like in it – use your imagination!

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